SWT Win32 Extension

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Download SWT Win32 Extension (Build v2011.12.08)

Get SWT Win32 Extension Example (Build v2011.12.08)

      Start SWT Win32 Extension Online Demo (Need JRE 1.4 or later)
      Download SWT Win32 Extension Example Plugin (Eclipse 3.2 or later)
      Download SWT Win32 Extension Native Example (If your machine doesn't install JRE)

Got SWT Win32 Extension?

SWT Win32 Extension extends the Eclipse library SWT.

It is a software development kit enabling you to work with native code from Java programs without using JNI. With SWT Win32 Extension, you don't need to create native libraries to call a function of the operating system API or a function from any dynamic library. You write code in the Java language only, and SWT Win32 Extension does the rest. SWT Win32 Extension provides quite a number of integration features to make your Java application look and behave like a Win32 citizen.

  • Window Decorations: making windows always-on-top, transparent, flashing on the taskbar, etc.
  • Custom Shape Window: creating non-rectangular windows using custom Regions.
  • Access to Windows Registry.
  • Shell Folders: getting paths and icons of the user folders (Favorites, My Pictures, etc)
  • Shell Links: managing the system link files.
  • System Info: gathering CPU, memory, system variables information.
  • Hooks: using system hooks and allowing to intercept some system events.
  • System Menu Manager: managing the shell system menu, user can define custom menu item.
  • Windows Session: managing system session. User can logoff, shutdown, reboot computer.
  • Ole Control: providing some ole control wrappers, such as flash.
  • Specially, you can get a lot of functions via SWT, because SWT Win32 Extension extends SWT.